Yovanna Sparkle Necklace

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Yovanna Sparkle Necklace
Yovanna Sparkle Necklace


The warm hues of the beads will only enhance the glow you already possess. This necklace adds such warmth in the colors - perfect for fall!  Any variations or irregularities are part of authentic, handmade production.  

Handmade by Yovanna in Chimbote, Peru with glass beads and dark brass chain. 


Measures 24" long


We recommend keeping your jewelry away from water.

Why We Love It

We love the super feminine look of this necklace, and the mixed texture of the beads.  It's a necklace that demands to be seen but doesn't overpower whatever else is going on in your outfit!

The Story

Gratify is proud to feature Fair Anita jewelry.  Fair Anita is a social enterprise that exists to create opportunities for women and girls, through fair trade products made by over 8,000 talented yet marginalized women in 16 countries. In other words, women investing in other women.  Female artisans are provided with at least 3X the minimum wage, long-term employment, business development, and provide paths to economic independence and helping women be leaders in their communities.  Your purchase helps make it possible to build a world where we all thrive, no matter where we live.