Anywhere Lidded Basket - White & Silver

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Anywhere Lidded Basket - White & Silver
Anywhere Lidded Basket - White & Silver
Anywhere Lidded Basket - White & Silver

African baskets bring amazing artisan craftsmanship into our living spaces. This beautiful basket features plastic strands (from recycled prayer mats) coil woven around natural cattail stalks.  The basket is substantial, yet light enough to be portable and moved around multiple rooms of your home.

Any variations or irregularities are part of authentic, handmade nature of artisan work.  


12.75"Diameter x 13"Tall

Why We Love It

The baskets lend a textural, sculptural beauty to any room in your home...the perfect blend of form and function. We love that you can enjoy these baskets in everyday life, to hold toilet paper in the bathroom, provide extra storage tucked away on a shelf, or endless other uses.

The Story 

This coil style of basket weaving has been practiced in Senegal by the rural Wolof women for generations, and Wolof girls learn weaving technique from their mothers and aunts. This traditional women's craft enables women to provide income to their families, typically where the men of the family must go into cities or abroad to work.

Wolof women work basket weaving into their day between other household duties and work proudly together in collaboration. Your purchase is so important, as otherwise baskets have to be sold locally, where the artisans make less money with inconsistent demand, and the time and cost to transport their baskets to market. You expand the Wolof women's reach into the world far further than her feet could ever carry her.