African Heirloom Wedding Basket

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African Heirloom Wedding Basket
African Heirloom Wedding Basket
African Heirloom Wedding Basket

Product Description

 This is a one of a kind, antique wedding basket made of the makenge root in the Upper Zambezi region of Zambia.  

Any variations or irregularities are part of authentic, handmade production and part of this basket's story.



Size: [Small] 15-17" diameter, 2-5" tall [Medium] 17-20" diameter, 3-6" tall [Large] 20-21" diameter, 3-8" tall

What we love

Being part of this basket's next phase - it adds instant texture and soul wherever you place it in your home.  Try hanging it on the wall, alone or clustered with other baskets.   

The Story

In time-honored tradition, new brides in the Upper Zambesi region of Zambia receive a beautiful yet practical gift: a makenge root wedding basket. The heirloom is so durable that the same basket can be used and passed down in the family for over 100 years!

The limited number of baskets are collected from rural Zambian villages. Each basket has been repaired for continued use and clearly shows years of service. Each basket is a little different in size and design.

Care Instructions

Because it's an antique, this basket is fragile, so handle it carefully.  We'll pack it with care so it arrives to you in great condition.