Our Story

You're here (yeah!) and you're reading this, so we think you're a change-maker whether you know it or not.  You're a citizen of the world with real  dreams and an eye for style - we see you and your big heart!

Here at Gratify, we believe that:

Beauty should be shared.

Our connections are much stronger than our differences and that every person deserves dignity.

Joy comes from surrounding yourself with meaning to write your own style story. 

Gratify is where beauty meets meaning and style meets heart.  Our mission is to uplift artisans with a focus on fair trade and sustainable business practices.  Every one of our handmade Gratify goods comes with a story about who made it, and how you're uplifting another. 


 About Kelly 

 Kelly is a little global and a lot Southern, with pieces of her heart sprinkled across different countries across the world.  At twenty, her love of travel was sparked by three friends and a ratty backpack across western Europe, journaling in cafes, sketching along Venetian canals and even jumping (OK, she fell before she jumped) off a mountain in the Swiss Alps to try paragliding.

Gratify was inspired by 30 days in India and a lifetime of her passions.  Kelly woke up one day, stared out of her suburban American window, and realized she was ready for something much different than the corporate ladder she'd been climbing for 17 years.  Her love of art and design was rolled into a desire to share success through uplifting others, and to bring beautiful global goods that are unique but approachable.

She saw that fast fashion and immediate gratification of mass produced products has a high price, and she wanted to offer women a way to uplift another in a simple, easy way while bringing beauty into their lives.  One Kelly's biggest drivers to start Gratify is to show her two boys what it's like to turn a dream from an idea into action, and that it's OK to learn along the way.

Kelly's refrigerator cheese drawer is always full, she loves to spin a good story (voices included!), daydream while eating chocolate in a hot bath, and she's a darn good hugger.