Sari Makeup Bags

Whether it's listening to a podcast during your morning commute, running out the door to drive your kids to their next lacrosse game, or off to wine night with the girls, streamline your routine to get out the door quickly by staying organized.

That's where our special sari makeup bags come in.  As durable as they are beautiful, the bags are lined with sturdy canvas and stand up on their own.  The bags are made of upcycled Indian saris by loving hands of a woman in India who has been rescued from sex trafficking.  She now has access to health care, child care, and stable work with a dignified wage.  She celebrates a freedom birthday each year.

Wouldn't you love to know that while you put on your makeup, there's a woman across the world who's living a new, better life because of your help?  Be part of her story.

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