Vineyard Bread Board

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This beautiful round bread board is created from olive wood by Tunisian artisans in a small studio.  The wood is cut from trees with lower yielding fruits for sustainability.  Taking great pride and care in each piece, the artisans sand several times with increasingly fine grit paper, and finish each piece with a blend of mineral oil and beeswax to seal the wood. It's food safe for use in the kitchen.

Any variations or irregularities are part of authentic, handmade production.


4.5"L x 4.5"W x 2.5"H

Why We Love It

We love the blend of form, function, and versatility.  You can use this board to serve your new favorite Brie cheese and fig preserves, as a base to corral your olive oils and frequently used spices, or to lean against your backsplash to bring in the warmth of wood into your kitchen.

The Story

Le Souk Olivique is a small studio which pays a fair, livable wage to its artisans and belongs to the World Fair Trade Organization.  Your purchase supports these artisans and keeps alive the spirit of hand crafted goods in an increasingly machine made world.

Care Instructions

Hand wash - do not put your wood piece in the dishwasher. Every few months, rub any kind of food grade oil into the piece with a paper towel.