DRESS FOR IMPACT Sari Necklace Collection

Are you looking for special, unique gifts with meaning this holiday season?  

Thank you for supporting IMPACT Melanoma by shopping these unique, show-stopping necklaces just in time for holiday gifts!  Honor the most special women in your life with a gift that gives three times over - to your recipient, to IMPACT, and to the artisans who lovingly made the necklaces.

Through midnight this Saturday, 20% of your purchase will be donated to IMPACT Melanoma (that includes these necklaces and anything else in the Gratify shop)!

What makes these necklaces so special?


Each necklace is handmade by marginalized women at a workshop in New Delhi, India.  Silk is hand-wrapped around hollow wooden prayer beads to create a masterpiece.  This skilled work enables women to earn 2X the living wage in their community, learn valuable skills, and have access to healthcare.

Accessible luxury

The finest, most brilliantly colored silk saris are collected from across India to create the necklaces.  You'll feel the luxurious, lightweight silk create a luxe feel with talented craftsmanship.  The quality is so high that this gift is a long-lasting heirloom.  Every scrap of silk is used, as the workshop has a zero waste policy.

How to choose...

Necklaces come in 5 different styles and a rainbow of colors - choose your style below to see the available colors.



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