Gift Guide to Giving Well - Part 1

I see you out there, hustlin' with every bone in your body.  It's not an easy job making everyone's holiday magical and reserving some gas in your own tank for taking care of YOU.  But something tells me that for you, the whole gift-giving thing is much more than an obligation, that it's much more to you than a chore or checking an item off your to-do list.

Something tells me that you light up when you give a gift to someone special that  speaks to the person that they are, that conveys a message from your heart.   I see your big heart and the joy that you're ready to share with those you love this holiday.

That's why I'm here - to provide some inspiration for gift ideas that you can't get in big box stores, that aren't mass produced, and that come with a story of meaning about the person who made them.  So, let's tackle some of the fine folks on your holiday gift list together - saving you time while still giving from your heart.  Here are some of my top recommendations from the Gratify Style & Home online shop - each comes with a story card.


 The Happy Homebody 

You know this person on your list...the one splayed out on the couch, kissing their dogs and finding all the joy in the world in the simple art of doing nothing.  This is the perfect time of year to wrap up in homemade love with any of these three styles of hand-loomed, 100% cotton throw blankets from India. 

1) Nila Indigo Throw

2) Serenity Textured Throw

3) Foggy Mornings Throw

5% of the purchase goes to sending girls to school - sending a message of empowerment every time this blanket gets snuggled.  The cotton only gets softer with each wash.  

 The Entertainer

This gal is the instigator of all things social, and she revels in telling stories around a robust bottle of red wine.  She loves to entertain but not in a fussy way - she just has a knack for making to feel right at home, and feels comfortable doing it.  

4) Cocktail Hour Coasters - $28

These coasters are 100% cotton, hand loomed without machinery by loving hands in India.  5% of the purchase goes towards sending girls to school in India, generating a powerful effect on her and her community.  

5) Sunny Garden Tablecloth - $68

 This beautiful screen print tablecloth is made by artisans of the Indian group Asha, which means "hope" in Sanskrit.  The artisans are paid a dignified, fair wage and now have access to benefits like health check ups and special training.  This gift is beautiful inside and out.


The Lovable Scatterbrain

I relate most to this person on your list!  She's running all over the place and always seems to be the one to show up at the party a day early (or late!).  She's funny, generous, and she does so much while just trying to hold it all together.  These gifts will help keep her sane while showing her she's pretty special just the way she is.

6) Haqima Jewelry Tray -$27

Keep your favorite scatterbrain looking organized and feeling great with this jewelry tray to corral her loose ends, like keys, jewelry, and sunglasses.  It's also food safe and easily washable, so when her dishes are dirty, she can throw an appetizer on the tray and impress her guests quickly.  The tray is made by hand and painted without the help of stencils in a fair trade workshop in Tunisia.  The artisans are paid a fair and dignified wage, and are able to contribute to their family's income.

7) Batik Infinity Pom Scarf - $24

My favorite scatterbrained friend said to me, "This scarf is so perfect for me - I don't even have to think!"  The infinity design makes it ideal for throwing over the top of an outfit and not even stopping to tie it just so.  The scarf is handmade by fair trade artisans who use centuries old techniques of wax resist to create the gorgeous batik design.


The Inspirer

The Inspirer in your life just seems to have the wisdom and the listening ear to help you put things back into perspective.  She shows you what's possible, and she's been a steadfast cheerleader that you just can't do without.  Show her how much she means to you with these thoughtful gifts and inspire her right back.

8) Mota Sari Makeup Bags - $24-34

As durable as they are beautiful, the bags are lined with sturdy canvas and stand up on their own.  The bags are made of upcycled Indian saris by loving hands of a woman in India who has been rescued from sex trafficking.  She now has access to health care, child care, and stable work with a dignified wage.  She celebrates a freedom birthday each year. 

9) Primrose Pendant - $79

This necklace is as unique as she is, with a modern and chic twist.  The necklace is made of high quality, hand-rolled paper beads and brass.  Women in Uganda work in collaboration to create this wearable art, affording them new opportunities to contribute to their family's income with fair wages and receive education. 


Your Mini Me

She holds a special place in your heart, whether your daughter, your niece, or another skipping, curious, wide-eyed girl with big dreams.  Give her a gift that starts a conversation about uplifting others, and how her special gift has impacted women across the world. 

10) Bitsies Jewelry Making Kit - $49

Provide a meaningful activity for your kiddos with our Bitsies jewelry making kit. This kit is packed full of paper beads along with different shades of elastic. Beads are hand-rolled in Uganda. Design. Create. Wear. Change the World.  Why not make jewelry together?

11) Candy Shop Girls' Necklace - $26

This is for the stylish kiddo who is constantly making a fashion statement. This single strand, multi color beaded necklace is strung on elastic, made for an easy fit. Recommended for children ages 4-12. Beads are handmade in Uganda from paper.  We absolutely love the the discussion behind who made the jewelry, and the colors to reflect your favorite girl's winning personality.  Beauty + meaning is our favorite combination!

The Bold Bestie

Here she is...the gal in your life whose independent spirit you admire, and who's not afraid to own her uniqueness.  She's bold and fearless and just has that special gift of independence.  Show her how special she is with handmade jewelry that's anything but ordinary.

12) Signature Sari String Necklace - $79

A small workshop in New Delhi, India, provides a safe haven, fair wages, medical care and training to women in marginalized societies.  These women hand-match scraps of colorful silk saris to create this wearable art. The workshop operates with a zero waste policy, a boost for the environment and the community.  Each necklace on the site is one or few of a kind, so grab it quickly.  They are amazingly lightweight.

13) Ibiza Earrings - $52

Seriously eye-catching, these hand-beaded earrings are a statement. This special jewelry is handcrafted in the highlands of Guatemala. Based on the beautiful shores of Lake Atitlan, beneath towering volcanoes, artisans have been provided fair wage and employment to make this jewelry for over 25 years. In an effort to support traditional life, the maker offers women the opportunity to work at home, so they can be available to care for their children and household, while earning financial independence. 

So there you have it, Part 1 of the Gift Guide from Gratify...what do you think?  Please comment below - I'd love to connect with you!  

XXOO, Kelly

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