Color Happy - Tips for Finding Your Best Colors

Let's be honest.  There are a whole lot of beauty tips out there that are meant to change you.  Botox, nail products, makeup, workout regimes, diet plans, weird celery juice cleanses....the list goes on.
That's NOT what we're here to talk about today. These fun and easy tips are meant to enhance the unique beauty you already possess.  I celebrate the beauty in each and every one of you, and your skin tone is one of the things that make you unique. It feels so good to receive compliments about color, and if you understand the colors that look best on you, your natural beauty shines. 
Are you more of a visual gal?  Have a look at the video I recorded - it contains the same information as this blog post.
How to figure out your skin's undertones

Are you warm, cool, or neutral?  Let's find out.  The key is that we're looking more than just skin deep - we're looking for the undertones in the skin, which provide the best indicator of your true coloring.

Tip #1: Use the paper test. 

  • First, make sure your skin is clean and free of any makeup or lotions, which could affect the results. If you just washed your face, wait about 15-30 minutes until any redness from scrubbing fades.
  • Use natural daylight to examine your truest skin tone (no artificial lighting!)
  • Hold a plain piece of white paper  (printer paper works great!) up to your face and compare how your skin looks in contrast to the paper.
    • Hang on, what if you have some redness issues like rosacea or some other redness?  Have a friend do this test behind your ear

IF your skin looks....

  • Yellowish, greenish, or light brown, then you likely have a warm skin tone.
  • Pink, rosy, or blue, then you have a cool skin tone.
  • Gray or ashen, then you are a neutral skin tone. 



Tip #2: Check the veins on the underside of your wrist.


Take a peek at your veins on the underside of your wrist.  If your veins appear to be blue or purple, you have cool skin. If they appear green, then you have warm skin. If it's hard to tell one way or the other what color they favor, then you have neutral skin.


Tip #3: Think about how your skin reacts to the sun.


If you tan easily, you likely have warm skin tones.  People who burn rather than tan usually have cool skin tones, although sometimes women with dark ebony skin that doesn't burn can also have cool undertones. People who are neutral may fall into either group with regards to tanning or burning, but neutrals will not have any obvious appearance of olive, yellow, or ruddy skin.



Learn the colors that bring out your natural beauty

Think back to elementary school art class and the color wheel. 


  • Red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow look wonderful on you! You also should look great when you wear "warmer" versions of cool colors, like olive, moss, orchid, and violet-red.
  • Neutrals that are best for you include taupe, cappuccino, cream, and mushroom gray.
  • Avoid chilly colors like icy blues or jewel tones like sapphire or amethyst because they can wash you out.


  • Bright blues, emeralds, and deep purples will look great, along with frosty shades of lavender, ice blue, or pink.
    • On the warm side, you can turn to ruby, bright rosy red, or super-pale yellows.
    • Neutrals: you can rock cool gray, bright white, and navy.
    • Avoid orange, tomato red, and strong yellows, which can clash with your skin completely.

  • As a neutral, you can wear anything on the color wheel — but best to go for softened or muted versions of a color instead of the brighter ones.
  • Choose colors like dusty pink, jade green, cornsilk yellow, or lagoon blue.
  • Oversaturated colors like electric blue and magenta can overwhelm your neutral skin tone, but there's one big exception to this: never be afraid to wear a bright, true red — you will look amazing.


If all that advice just seems overwhelming, no worries!  There are colors that look universally flattering on all of us.

  • Pure white
  • Light blush pink brightens any skin tone and brings out the natural glow of your face.
  • Teal with a perfect mix of blue and green can be worn by anyone and is a great summer or winter shade.
  • Eggplant purple, which acts like a neutral and accentuates your skin without overpowering it.

  • Are you bummed out about the colors recommended to you?  If you have a favorite color that's not as flattering for your skin tone, consider wearing it as an accessory - a belt, purse, or shoes.


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